Velarus Aurora Light

velarus aurora projector

Your space. Transformed

Any room instantly becomes a window to distant galaxies when you turn on Velarus. From livestreams and virtual meetings to movie night or falling asleep under a wash of calming colors, let Velarus transport you to a mesmerizing realm of brilliance and light.

Bring any space to life with swirling streams of color. Evoke the beauty of far-away galaxies and luminous auroras right from your phone with the BlissHome app, or speak it into existence with voice control using Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

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Features that shine

velarus aurora light
  • Refined 360 design for versatility
  • Voice control with Google Home or Alexa
  • App control with enhanced customization features
  • 4 LEDs for more color combinations
velarus effect in living room
velarus effect in bedroom
woman using phone with velarus effect behind her

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