Welcome to the BlissLights Experience

Our lights are anything but ordinary!

We’re a special effects lighting company.

With roots in creating lights for major theme park rides around the world, BlissLights is inspired to create affordable, energy efficient, easy-to-use lights for everyday use.


Environment Friendly

Our variety of laser and LED lights are enchanting and energy-efficient! Suitable for any type of home and lifestyle!  


Fast Setup

An elaborate experience with little to no setup! The magic happens in 10 seconds or less. Just plug in and enjoy. 


Based in the USA

BlissLights is American owned and operated, but we also sell our lights in 8 different countries and counting!

Discover a new world of indoor lighting

sky lite galaxy projector

Sky Lite Galaxy Projector

From $49.99

blisslights ark

ARK Ambient Projector


starport usb star projector

StarPort USB Star Projector